At Stevenson & Co Ltd – we specialise in creating great destination shops for any type of cultural institution, collection or exhibition.


NGS Andy Warhol Exhibition Shop


NGS Link Store

Scottish National Portrait Gallery

Scottish National Portrait Gallery


Parc zoologic de Paris

Our team is drawn from some of the best and most experienced cultural retailers. Depending on the scope of work our clients need – from retail strategy, development, design, operations, financial analysis and mentoring – we can provide exceptional talent. We also bring a global perspective to best practices, benchmarking and statistics.


Leigh Stevenson, Business and Creative Director,  is a specialist in cultural enterprise revenue generation. As a Canadian with over 20 years working in North America and Europe, Leigh has created and developed world-class commercial revenue streams for cultural institutions as well as for the high street. In particular – this has been demonstrated by her 7 year role as General Manager of the National Galleries of Scotland’s Trading Company where she and a great team developed highly regarded and profitable activities in retail, catering and new publishing policies. She also created a large portfolio of bespoke product based on the collections and exhibitions. Creating product which would ‘disseminate information about the collection and give it legs…..sending product out into the marketplace which is original and furthered the NGS’s mission and vision.’

Developing brand strategies for destination retail, licensing and catering at cultural venues in North America, Europe and the UK is her passion. Leigh has used her highly creative approach and operational experience to deliver exceptional revenue generation activities, developing stores and products as well, for an impressive list of major museums, cultural institutions and attractions.